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Housebreaking 101

Housebreaking is often one of the first major training milestones new pet owners face when bringing home a puppy. Consistency during those first few weeks will help lay a foundation for the lifetime of your pet, so even though housebreaking can feel effortful at first, the time investment will pay dividends once your puppy is successfully housebroken.

Small Puppy

1. Cozy Crate Time: Think of crate training as giving your pup their own special sleeping and resting space. It helps them learn not to go potty where they sleep. 

2. Keep it Consistent: Make a plan for your pup's day. They'll need bathroom breaks in the morning, after meals, naps, and playtime. At first, take them out every hour. As they get older, they'll be able to hold it longer.


3. Pick a Potty Spot: Choose a spot outside where your puppy can do their business. Use the same door and go to the same spot every time. Keeping them on a leash can help them stay focused. Just quietly watch them do their thing.


4. Praise and Treats: When your pup goes potty outside, give them lots of praise and a tasty treat right away! It's like saying, "Good job, buddy!" for doing the right thing.


5. Playtime After Potty: If you want to play outside with your puppy, make sure they've gone potty first. That way, they won't get distracted during playtime.


6. Try, Try Again: If your pup doesn't go when you take them out, bring them back inside and try again in about 20-30 minutes.


7. Extra Breaks: If it seems like your puppy needs to go potty between scheduled breaks, take them out. Better safe than sorry!


8. Accidents Happen: If you catch your puppy going potty inside, calmly take them outside right away. If they finish outside, praise and give them a treat just like usual. Never yell or scare them. That could make them scared to go potty around you.


9. No Punishments: If there's an accident and you weren't around to stop it, don't punish your puppy. They won't understand why you're mad, and it might make them afraid of you. Just clean it up with an enzymatic cleaner and move on.

Remember, teaching your puppy takes patience and love! You're doing great!

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